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Coaxial Cable TV Privacy Policy
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By visiting, using and submitting information to you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy. recognizes your right to know how your information is collected and shared, so created this Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to disclose our current policies regarding your privacy and the use of your personal identifiable information. In addition, we take further measures to prevent unauthorized interception of your personally identifiable information, as outlined in this Privacy Policy is for our web site only and does not apply to the personal information provided to us for any other services.

(1) Security
Coaxial Cable TV uses industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving consumer data exchanged with our site. We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site. However in the unlikely event that an unauthorized third party compromises security system. is not responsible for any occurrences or damages directly or indirectly caused by an unauthorized third party ability to view use or disseminate your submissions or transmissions to or your personally identifiable information.

(2) Visitor Information does not collect any information from anyone who visits our web site. The only information that we receive from the customer is that information the customer submits to us from our web site regarding, question, concerns and other information that is sent to us from our web site.
In the event of national emergency or other similarly urgent situation reserves the right to fully cooperate with the request of government authorities and agencies and disclose to those entities all website user information and databases collected, compiled an/or maintained by

(3) Links to Other Internet Web Sites on may contain links to other Internet Web sites. This Privacy Policy applies to only and does not take responsibility for content from any link on

(4) Privacy Policy Updates reserves the right to change or alter this privacy policy from time to time without prior notice.

(5) Minors

Children under the age of 18 are not eligible to use our services or transmit any personal information to us. Minors my only use this service with parental supervision.


Return and Refund Policy
Coaxial Cable TV
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The following policy refers to the Return and Refund of money’s that may have been paid to Coaxial Cable TV for cable television, Internet or telephone services when a customer terminates services before the end of the current month.

If for any reason the customer chooses to terminate services with Coaxial Cable TV, either Television, Internet or Telephone service the customer understands that all equipment must be returned to Coaxial Cable TV office before this service will be terminated. All returns must be handled at the customers service desk at our 105 Walker Dr Edinboro PA 16412 address. The customer has signed and agreed in writing that all equipment that is the property of Coaxial Cable TV will be returned. If for any reason this equipment is not returned the customers refund (if any) will not be returned. If this equipment is not returned to Coaxial Cable TV the customer will also be sent to our collection agency for the stated value of the equipment from the document signed by the customer at the time the customer took possession of the equipment. (see list of values below) The customer also understands that their account will not be taken out of collections until the equipment has been returned to Coaxial Cable TV in proper working condition. Any damaged or missing equipment will be charged to the customer and the customer will not be removed from collections until all payments for services or equipment has been made.
When the account has been disconnected and all equipment has been returned to Coaxial Cable TV in proper working condition, Coaxial Cable TV will then refund to the customer in the form of a check to be cut to the customer on the account within 45 day of the closure of the account.

PVR                STB                 HD BOX             REMOTE      MODEM      POWER SUPPLY
$300.00        $250.00           $250.00                 $25.00        $250.00            $25.00

$250.00                     $30.00                   $ 5.00                           $15.00                        $35.00


Coaxial Cable TV Corp. wants you to be satisfied with our services. If you ever have a complaint, please call our office or write to Coaxial Cable TV 105 Walker Dr Edinboro Pa 16412.
Pursuant to the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1992 Coaxial Cable TV Corp. is required to inform new subscribers and current subscribers on an annual basis of the existence of “personally identifiable” information collected by the cable system, how it is used, under what conditions it may be disclosed, and the rights of consumers concerning such disclosure. The law relates only information with specifically identifies individual customers.


Generally, the law allows personally identifiable information to be collected and disclosed only insofar as it relates to the business of providing cable service to customers. Thus, cable systems may collect only that information about a customer, which is necessary either to provide service to the customer or to monitor unauthorized reception of cable signals. This includes name and address, spouse’s name; telephone number(s) billing and collection information, service and installation records, personal identification card numbers, such as driver’s license and/or social security card, subscriber complaints and correspondence, premium or level of service subscription data, maintenance, service and installation information (how many cable outlets you have and where they are located in your house) and marketing data (information collected from your application and other consumer questionnaires). Cable systems may not monitor or collect any information on the transactions made by a subscriber using a service such as home shopping or home banking except to the extent it is necessary to render the service.
Any information a cable system wishes to collect that is not related to either the rendering of service or monitoring theft of service may be done only with the prior written consent of the customer.


A cable system’s disclosure of personally identifiable information, like its collection, is limited by the Cable Act to the disclosure of information necessary in order to provide a cable service or to conduct a legitimate business activity of the cable system.
Collected information is made available only to employees and sales representatives of the cable system, to its accountants and billing and collection agencies, and to other maintenance and installation subcontractors, programmers, auditors and program guide service providers which provide service to or act on behalf of the cable system. Information will be retained only as long as it serves a business purpose, including maintenance of records for financial and tax accounting purposes, after which it will be destroyed.
Our current policy is to keep such information for six calendar years (or a longer period if required by state law) after a customer no longer is an active customer, should our policy change or should we find it necessary to disclose such information to entities other than the ones listed previously, we first will notify you. This would include disclosure to a debt collection agency if the customer were in arrears to the cable system.

Mailing List 

The law permits cable systems to provide the name and addresses of customers for non-cable related mailing lists and other purposes unless the customer specifically and in writing prohibits or limits such disclosure. The services to which you subscribe or the nature of any customer transactions conducted via the cable system may not be revealed.
If you do not want this system to provide your name and address from any list that might be provided to others.

Disclosure Pursuant to Judicial Process 

Disclosure of personally identifiable information also may be required by court order, but only if a government agency or authority provides to the court clear and convincing evidence that the information would be material evidence against a customer believed to be engaging in criminal activity, and only if the customer is given the opportunity to appear in court and contest the agency’s claim.

Customers Rights 

As previously described, federal law limits the type of personally identifiable information a cable system may collect and the circumstances under which it may disclose. A customer has the right to contest government agency claims to such information: to prevent the disclosure of this or her name and address and to review all such information at the cable office during regular business hours, given a reasonable notice to the cable system by either phone or letter, and to correct any errors in the information. Should a customer believe the limits set forth in the Cable Act have been violated by the cable system, he or she may bring a civil suit for damages, including attorney fees and costs, in a U.S. district court against the cable operator.
Should you have any questions concerning the rights and obligations of the cable system operator or your rights under the customer privacy provisions of the Cable Act, or if you would like to see or correct, if necessary, your records, please contact the cable system business office.

Problem Resolution Procedure 

In accordance with terms of the franchise agreements presently in effect, and in accordance with the requirements of Federal Communications Commission we are notifying you with the procedure to be utilized in registering a written complaint concerning cable television operations. A copy of this complaint procedure shall be given to each customer at the time of initial subscription.
This complaint procedure does not apply to routine request for service, which need not be in writing and may be made at the business office, 105 Walker Dr. Edinboro, Pa 16412 or by telephone at 814-734-1424 during normal business hours.
When a customer to this cable system desires to make a complaint concerning cable television operations, the customer may submit a complaint in writing with the following information to our business office:
Name of customer; Address of customer; Telephone number of customer; A description of the problem and requested solution; The signature of the customer.
All complaints from customers will be promptly investigated and evaluated to determine if the problem can be solved and the course of action in that regard. The company shall attempt to resolve all complaints on a fair impartial basis as promptly as possible. A permanent record of each written complaint is evaluation and subsequent resolution and/or attempts at it will be made and retained at the business office.

Payment Policy 

Payments for ALL monthly charges are due in advance by the first of each month. A late fee of $7.00 will be added after the 15th of the month if payment is not received. After this date your account is delinquent. If your service has been electronically disconnected a $5 reconnect fee will be charged if you wish to reactivate your service. If your service has been physically disconnected and you wish to reconnect you must pay your outstanding balance in full, a reconnect fee of $30 and one months’ advance payment. The Service Technician will take your payment when he comes to disconnect service, but an additional $25 collection fee will be charged.

Refund Policy 

You will generally receive any refunds due you within 30 days of the time which you disconnected services.

Coaxial Cable Television Corp.
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