Leave dial-up Internet in the dust- accelerate down the road to a super-fast connection.  With our ‘always on’ service, you’re connected when your computer is on-no dialing in, no busy signals, no extra phone line.  Out high-velocity connection is light years faster than 56k modems, so you can zoom down the information superhighway, and never get stopped. If you ever need directions, we’re always just a local phone call away 24/7.

Super-Fast Internet Access

  • Light years faster than a 56k modem.
  • Always-On Connection
  • If your computers on, you’re connected.

Unlimited Usage

  • Stay connected around the clock for one flat monthly rate.

No Phone Line Needed

  • Internet service through your cable instead of your phone line.  No busy signals, no missed calls.

24/7 Customer Service

  • You’re always connected, so we’re always here to take you calls.


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